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Istanbul paradise tour

Price $40 1 day
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Istanbul paradise tour

$40 per person

Istanbul paradise tour

Rozana Tours in Istanbul’s paradise tour allows you to visit the most beautiful places in the Asian side of Istanbul. Where you can enjoy the beautiful view of nature, breathe the fresh air, and enjoy sitting in front of the sea.

What will you see on the Istanbul paradise tour?

Enjoy the picturesque nature of Istanbul and the charming part that has not been discovered by tourists exclusively with our company.

Tour stations

♠ Visit the national park of NAKKAŞTEPE with its lakes , green areas, wonderful Bosphorus sea view and picnic areas.

♥ Having breakfast in the opened green area (included).

♣ Maiden’s tower, one of the most towers in turkey with its legend story and Üsküdar Coast.

♦ ÇAMLICA hill is one of the highest points in the Asian part of ISTANBUL known as the wedding ceremony hill in TURKEY cause after any wedding ceremony in ISTANBUL people go for capturing gorgeous pictures there.

♠ Visit a popular shopping center.

The national park of Nakkaştepe

This park, which is located in Asian Istanbul, is famous for its large green area. Which is about fifty thousand square kilometers. And also overlooking the Bosphorus Bridge.

تلة نقاش في رحلة حنة اسطنبول

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Maiden’s tower and Üsküdar coast

And after the Istanbul paradise trip, we will go to the Üskudar coast in Asian Istanbul. This coast overlooks the Maiden Tower, known for its famous story, and European Istanbul. Where you can sit and enjoy the wonderful view.

Maiden's (Girl's) Tower story.

The most famous anecdote about its construction is that there was a sultan who loved his daughter very much. had a dream, That on her 18th birthday she will be bitten by a snake and take her life.

And when he wake up, He pushed his daughter off land to protect her, Where it filled part of the Bosphorus Strait. And he built a tower for her in the middle of the strait. To protect it from any snake.

and in her 18 years birthday the daugther by the sultan had a gift like a crib fulled with fruits. A snake was hiding in it, and it bit the girl and killed her. Because of her father’s grief over her, the place was named “The Girl’s Tower”. empty empty empty empty empty empty empty empty empty empty empty empty empty empty empty So that visitors to the tower remember the lesson from this story that there is no escape from God’s judgment. empty empty empty empty empty empty empty empty empty empty empty empty

صورة برج الفتات في ساحل اوسكودار

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And we will have breakfast in the green nature, where you will be able to enjoy a good meal and a beautiful view at the same time.

وجبة الفطور في رحلة جنة اسطنبول

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Çamlıca hill

Then we will visit the hill of brides, which took its name because in the winter it is filled with snow, and its nature wears its white dress.

تلة العرائس و اطلالتها الجميلة

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Shopping center

At the end of the Istanbul paradise tour, we will go to a shopping center where you can buy what you want.

مول في اسطنبول

Note : We also have tours with groups and a private car.

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16+ Age
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