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Istanbul day trips

Istanbul is located in the northwest of Turkey. It has the advantage of being the economic and touristic capital of Turkey. And it contains the largest number of residents in comparison to other cities of Turkey. Also, Istanbul was the capital of the Ottoman Empire for 470 years. Istanbul has many historical places that attract tourists from all countries. The most important of them are the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. Hagia Sophia, Bosphorus, Topkapi Palace, Taksim Square, Princess Islands.

In addition to the many options that Rozana Tours offers you from daily trips in Istanbul.

Istanbul day trips Istanbul tours with lunch, The best tourist trips in Istanbul

About Istanbul

Istanbul is the city visited by the largest number of tourists in Turkey. In it, tourists from all over the world discover a wonderful blend of stunning nature and traditional Turkish culture. Where you can visit historical places and enjoy the traces of ancient Ottoman history.

Tours in Istanbul

With the increase in the percentage of Arab tourism in Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular, and the lack of resources that serve that category. We were unique in covering this vacancy to provide the finest possible tourism services in Istanbul that suit our customers. As we always strive for creativity and never stop developing our services. Where we offer a variety of tours and tourist trips to suit different segments of guests.

We also provide our customers with many complete tourism programs. Which include accommodation, airline tickets, and daily trips.

Should I go to Istanbul in summer or winter?

If you are a fan of calm and cool weather. So, we can say that winter is the right time to visit Istanbul. Because the rate of congestion in winter is less than in summer. And if you like the hot weather and like to see crowds in the markets and historical and tourist places. So, the summer will be the most suitable for you.

Istanbul day trips Istanbul tours with lunch, The best tourist trips in Istanbul

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