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Day trips in Trabzon

Trabzon is located in northeastern Turkey on the Black Sea coast. On the historic Silk Road. There are many tourist places in Trabzon. Where you find many options in front of you, through which you can spend the most beautiful times in life. It is like a magnet that, due to its beauty, attracts tourists from all over the world. Among the most important tourist places are Uzungol Lake, the Khaderanbei Plateau and Lake, and the Chale Cave, Altinder National Park.

In addition to the many options that Rozana Toursoffers you from daily trips in Trabzon.

Ayder tour private | Private car trip Private car trip
Begin your trip from Trabzon. Discover Ayder Plateau with our tour that…
10 Hours (Approx)
رحلة جيراسون، رحلات الى غيراسون

Giresun tour Private car trip

Giresun trip

$140 $140
You are invited to a fun day trip with Rozana Tours, be…
10 Hours (Approx)
Hidirnebi Kayabasi Tour . A Private car tour
Visit Cal Cave, the second longest cave in the world, with our…
8 Hours
Sumela Monastery Zigana and Hamsiköy Tour Private car trip
Visit Altındere National Park and Sumela Monastery with a daily Private Tour…
9 Hours
Sera Lake Private car
Rozana Tours offers you in Trabzon city tour the opportunity to visit…
Full Day
Uzungol Tour Private Private tour
You are invited to an enjoyable Uzungol day trip with Rozana Tours,…
9 Hours (Approx)

Day trips in Trabzon

from Trabzon

Trabzon is one of the most important cities to visit. Its green nature attracts tourists from all over the world. In it, you can discover the wonderful scenery and monuments and enjoy breathing the fresh air in the upper Trabzon.

Tours in Trabzon

With the increase in the percentage of Arab tourism in Turkey in general and Trabzon in particular, and the lack of resources that serve that category. We were unique in covering this vacancy to provide the finest possible tourism services in Trabzon that suit our customers. As we always strive for creativity and never stop developing our services. Where we offer a variety of tours and tourist trips to suit different segments of guests.

We also provide our customers with many complete tourism programs, which include accommodation, airline tickets, and daily trips.

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