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Bursa tour

Price $35 Full Day
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Bursa tour

$35 per person

Bursa tour

Rozana Tours Company gives you an exceptional opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful Turkish forests on a green Bursa trip. Where you can enjoy an amazing experience that combines nature and exciting activities throughout a full day coming from Istanbul, This trip will remain forever in your memory. in Winter, Bursa’s mountains are covered in snow, giving you the unique opportunity to enjoy a skiing experience that you will never forget.

What will you see on the Bursa tour?

Bursa is the fourth largest city in Türkiye. The first capital of the Ottoman Empire is famous for its beautiful nature. And its majestic mountain Olympus (Uludag) and its wonderful tastes. Bursa trip schedule The cost of a Bursa trip from Istanbul Bursa trip from Istanbul

Tour stations

Riding the opened ferry to cross the Izmit gulf and enjoy the fresh air.


♠ YALOVA city for the safari tour (extra).

♥ Turkish delight factory in Bursa.

the INKAYA tree that’s more than 650 years old.

♦ the natural apiary bee house on the mountain.

♠ the ancient green mosque and green tomb.

♥ the silk house and ancient Turkish bath.

♣ the ski center of Uludağ mountain and enjoying one of the most popular ski centers in Europe.

having lunch of tasty mix grill on the top of the mountain and also we offer dishes for vegetarians (included).

Cable car ride on top of the mountain (included).

Ferry ride

We will take a ferry to cross the Gulf of Izmit and you will enjoy the fresh air and the fantastic view.

صورة العبارة من رحلة بورصة
Safari tour

On the Bursa trip, we will stop by the city of Yalova to take a ride on a safari and enjoy the stunning natural scenery.

صورة رحلة سفاري بورصة
Bursa delights factory

On a green Bursa trip, we will visit one of the most beautiful Turkish delights factories, which has different types and forms of luxurious Turkish delights.

اطيب انواع الحلقوم التركي
Perennial tree in Bursa trip

One of the most beautiful tourist places in Bursa. After finishing the lokum shops, we will head to the giant tree in Bursa. It is a huge tree that is approximately 600 years old. We will take a rest there. You can drink tea in one of the cafes, also take pictures and when we are done we will move to the honey and jam apiaries.

شجرة عمرها اكثر من ٦٠٠ عام في بورصة
Honey and Jams Exhibition

When you arrive at the honey shops, you will see many types of honey and jam, as Bursa is famous for honey, in addition to its cheaper prices than Istanbul. You can shop if you want.

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صورة المربى في رحلة بورصة
The Green Mosque in Bursa

After completing the cable car ride, we will ride the bus head to the city center of Bursa and visit the Green Mosque. It is a historical Ottoman mosque that can accommodate about 2,000 worshipers.

جامع بورصة الاخضر
Bursa silk house

It is one of the oldest markets in Bursa, built in 1490-1491 AD. It is characterized by several shops that sell luxurious fabrics and silk products. You can view these products and shop.

خان الحريرة في مدينة بورصة

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Have lunch

With us on the Bursa trip, you will enjoy a delicious grilled meal.

وجبة الغداء في مدينة بورصة
Cable car ride

Oldag Mountain is considered the largest mountain in Bursa. It is called the Great Mountain. The highest peak rises 2530 meters above sea level, where the peak is called the Black Peak. The height of snow in winter reaches 3 metres. Where international ski competitions are held. You can reach Uludag Mountain via tourist trips or cable cars. Through it, you can see the natural scenery and reach it faster.

Note : We also have tours with groups and a private car.


How long does it take from Istanbul to Bursa?

From Istanbul to Bursa, The bus takes about 3 hours, The ferry from Istanbul to Bursa takes about one hour and 45 minutes empty empty The journey from Istanbul to Bursa takes about two hours by private car. (Time varies if you take Osmangazi Bridge or Topcholar Ferry)

How is the weather in Bursa?

The weather in Bursa is hot in the summer and cold in the winter, as its majestic mountains are filled with snow. It becomes an ideal place for skiing, attracting tourists from all countries.

Full Day
16+ Age
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    15 km of river rafting activity
    24/7 Customer Support
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    All Museum Tickets
    Bosphorus cruise includes dinner
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    Domestic flights
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    Typical Souvenir


  • Elli

    February 15, 2022 at 17:52

    We have joined and done the Bursa tour from Istanbul with my friends. It is around 3 hours away from Istanbul. We used Bus and ferry with the Group Tour and car ferry is enjoyable with the view of the sea and land. We had a Tour Guide can speak English and Arabic languages. The Tour guide Musa was very nice. We used Teleferic which has a wonderful view. Lunch was very good as well, visited the Green Mosque and Green Tombs. It was well arranged group tour of bursa. Recommended.

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