Rozana Tours is a full package tours travel agency, We fully organize our clients' holidays, Honeymoons - Group Packages - Vacation Packages and more.. Also we offer hotel reservations services or various accommodation places, rent a car, with or without driver, daily trips, Tours & Transfers, and many other services that we excel at ..
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Privacy and Security Policy

Privacy Commitment and Security Policy

SSL , 3D encrypted security technology and AK Bank Virtual POS infrastructure are used for credit card payments made through our website rozanatours.

Credit Card Security

The security of your credit card is ensured by SSL encryption technology. Depending on the type of browser you use, a lock icon appears in the bottom or address bar of the page where you enter your credit card information. This icon shows the SSL Certificate provided by RapidSSL. When you enter your credit card information to make a payment, the internet address bar of the page turns to https. Independent of our website, an encrypted connection is established between the customer computer and the bank, and no information you send through the browser is visible to rozanatours staff or third parties. Customer credit card information is never saved on our website.

Personal Information Security

The personal information you provided when registering on our rozanatours website, and the addresses you provided for delivery, are protected in a secure area. Your personal information is not shared with any institution, organization, or third parties except where legally required.

Use of Personal Information

Your name, surname, phone, email, and address information are shared only with Rozana Tours Tur ve Tic Ltd companies and our business partners (such as contracted courier companies) for purposes such as delivering the product you purchased, invoicing for the purchased product, informing you about price discounts and campaigns.

Things Customers Need to Pay Attention To

In addition to all the security measures we have taken on our rozanatours website, it is important for the customer’s personal security that the browser security settings used on the customer’s computer are at the highest level, and that software such as anti-virus and security firewalls are used and kept up-to-date, and that personal information and passwords are not saved on the customer’s computer.

Rozana Tours Tur ve Tic Ltd. does not request personal information, credit card numbers, or similar information from customers via e-mail. E-mails sent to customers from our rozanatours website contain only information such as (order, delivery information, payment received, password renewal, etc.).

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