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Istanbul asian tour

Price $150 1 day
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Istanbul asian tour

$150 per person

Istanbul asian tour with private car

Rozana Tours in Istanbul Asian Tour gives you the opportunity to see the important landmarks in Asian Istanbul. Where you can enjoy the beautiful view of nature. You can also breathe the fresh air, and enjoy sitting in front of the sea.

What will you see in this tour?

Our tour begins with our pick up in our car in the morning.

Tour stations

♠ Chamlija tour

♥ Baghdad street

♣ Otagtepe Fatih Reserve

 Seria Marin

Chamlija Tower

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was inaugurated On the 29th of last May. Chamlica Tower, after its construction, began in 2017.

The tower is 369 meters tall. 587 meters above sea level. It consists of 49 floors. Each is 4.5 meters high. Including 4 floors underground.

The most prominent landmarks of Istanbul can be seen from the tower. Like the July 15 Martyrs’ Bridge (Bosphorus Bridge). And the mosque of Chamlija, princess islands. It was built to eliminate visual pollution by unifying the television broadcasting towers that were scattered in the area.

You can visit this tower and enjoy breakfast at the top of this tower.

برج تشامليجا
Baghdad Street

Then we will visit Baghdad Street, which is one of the most prestigious streets of Istanbul. The most famous and longest street in the Asian section. extending 6 km from Kadikoy to Maltepe. This street also contains the most important restaurants and cafes. Where you can enjoy a delicious meal if you wish. Due to the various options on the street during shopping. it is considered a popular destination for tourists. That is why it is called Fashion Street because of its famous shops selling shoes, accessories and souvenirs. Turkish antiques and sweets.

شارع بغداد
Owtag Hill Reserve

Then we will visit Owtag Hill Reserve. Are a number of vast expanses of greenery. Which extends on the side of Sultan Mehmet Fatih Bridge, has a very charming view of the Bosphorus Strait. And the European side, consisting of 22,000 meters. Where you can enjoy the wonderful view and breathe the fresh air.

اوتاغ تابا

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Seria Marin

It is a large restaurant located in front of the Anatolian Siege Castle by the Goksu River. Where you can dine as a family or drink water pipes. And enjoy the view of the river and the suspension bridge at the same time.

ساريا مارينا

Note : We have tours with touristic groups if you want.

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