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10 day tourist program in Trabzon Uzungol Ayder

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10 day tourist program in Trabzon Uzungol Ayder

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10 Day tourist program in Trabzon Uzungol Ayder with a car without a driver

Through a 10 day tourist program in Trabzon Uzungol Ayder you will enjoy a special holiday and a varied stay in Trabzon, Uzungol, and Ayder. Discover the most beautiful Turkey Tourist & Natural places, Shopping centers, visit everything that is interesting and worth visiting for a special holiday that you will never forget.

A total stay for 9 nights / 10 days, distributed as below:

-5 nights in Trabzon.

-3 nights in Uzungol.

– 1 night in Ayder.

We will deliver the car to you at the airport.

Breakfast in hotels.

Covid-19 test at your hotel & result would be sent to you.

Issuance of the Turkish visa and its cost.

Preparing the entry health form and HES Code Issuance (health code).

The best places to visit in Trabzon

Sultan Murad Heights

When you see this area, you will feel that it is a dream and not a reality. The scene there is eye-catching from the tops of the mountains. And you will see the clouds under your eyes. It is really one of the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey.

After reaching the highlands, you can see many wild pets, such as deer scattered. And squirrels and many more.

After walking around and enjoying the beautiful scenery, And take some souvenir photos. Visit one of the cafes or restaurants there and get a delicious lunch with the most beautiful view.

You can also visit the Sumela Monastery near the heights. Which is considered one of the best tourist places in Trabzon.

هضبة السلطان مراد

Sultan Murad Heights location

دير سوميلا

Sumela Monastery location

Trabzon Square

Trabzon Square or Ataturk Square from The most famous tourist place in Trabzon, it is located in the city center and is characterized by its proximity to the main tourism centers in Trabzon. Turkish and international brands.

ميدان طرابزون في رحلة مدينة طرابزون

Hidir Nabi Resort

It is one of the most famous rural resorts for tourists from all over the world in Trabzon. Where they can enjoy the picturesque landscapes of pastures, flowering trees, mountainous forests, volcanic lakes and rivers located at an altitude of 1600 m above sea level. And 35 km from the Turkish city of Trabzon.

Among the most important activities that can be done at the picturesque resort: Fishing, barbecues, Safari and camping tours in one of the simple wooden huts. Buying souvenirs and handicrafts from one of the kiosks run by local villagers. Attend annual summer festivals. And enjoy a traditional Turkish bath or take a dip in the healing hot springs.

Khidir Nabi Location

Hagia Sophia Trabzon

The history of the establishment of Hagia Sophia in Trabzon dates back to 1260 AD. At the request of King Manuel I of Portugal after his escape from Istanbul. As a huge church when Trabzon was the capital of the Trebazond Empire. But when the Islamic conquest came under the leadership of the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. The city of Trabzon was opened. And that church was converted into a major mosque in the city in 1548 AD.

جامع اياصوفيا في رحلة مدينة طرابزون

Hagia Sophia Mosque location

The most important tourist places in Ayder

Valley of Winds (Ayder Plateau)

It is considered one of the important places according to the international legal arrangement. It is distinguished by its high mountains, where its beauty catches the eye. In addition to the presence of many wild animals, which are frequented by many tourists.

وادي الرياح ايدر
The most important tourist places in the village of Uzungol

Carster Heights

Carster Heights is one of the main stops that must be enjoyed in its fresh air. It is located at an altitude of 2,600 meters above sea level. And through these heights, you see the charming beauty of Uzungol Lake, In a sight to behold.

مرتفعات كارستر

Uzungol Lake

One of the most beautiful photographic scenes that you can see in Uzungol. The beauty of the scene was increased by the magnificent mosque located nearby. İn addition to the beauty of high mountains, diverse plants, and colorful flowers. As well as the splendor and beauty of the pine forests. Which attract large numbers of tourists and visitors annually. Uzungol Lake gives tourists and visitors the opportunity to enjoy and relax in the lap of nature in a very beautiful and splendid atmosphere.

Fish Lake

The fish lake is also one of the most famous tourist places in Uzungol Turkey. This is despite the difficulty of the road to reach it. Which extends for 25 km from Uzungol. Tourists usually confirm that the road to the lake is difficult and bumpy. But in the end, it leads you to an interesting natural place with an incomparable group of the most beautiful landscapes and fun recreational opportunities If you are a fan of privacy and looking for an opportunity to relax the soul. So, head straight to the fish lake in Uzungol.

Fish lake
  • Included
    Free Breakfast
  • Not Included
    15 km of river rafting activity
    24/7 Customer Support
    3 stars hotel
    4 stars hotel
    5 stars hotel
    All inclusive
    All mentioned destinations on the program
    All Museum Tickets
    Bosphorus cruise includes dinner
    boutique Hotel
    cable car ticket
    Comfortable transportation with our new model air conditioned vehicles
    Covid-19 test and the result would be provided for you (1).
    Domestic flights
    Economy Hotel
    Free Dinner
    Free Drinks
    Free Lunch
    HES Code Issuance (health code)
    International flight tickets
    Personal Guide
    Preparing the entry health form to enter Turkey
    Private pick-up and drop-off service
    Private Tours
    Private Transfers
    The mentioned trips arranged with tourist groups
    Trip insurance
    Turkish visa issuance
    Typical Souvenir

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