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السياحة في طرابزون صورة لاوزونجول من السماء


هل زرت كل الاماكن في طرابزون

طرابزون كما لم تعرفها من قبل

Trabzon is a charming city that everyone who visited it loved. It is located in the Black Sea region in northern Turkey. The population of the city is about 244,093, which makes it the largest city in Trabzon. The city rises 39 meters above sea level and Trabzon is the capital of the northern region, which is located in northeastern Turkey. It is a port located on the Black Sea, And an international trade and maritime transport center, Where it exports food products and goods, The city has many historical monuments that have been preserved,

See the beauty of Trabzon

Trabzon, the bride of the Turkish north, which dates back thousands of years, is the center of culture and natural riches in the eastern Black Sea region. In the past, the city was a center on the Silk Road and a meeting point for religions, languages ​​and cultures for centuries. It played a historical and essential role due to its port on the legendary Silk Road. Marco Polo visited the city in the fourteenth century. The city of Trabzon was an important stop for world-famous travelers, including Xenophon, Evliya Shalaby, Frunze and Valmyer, they immortalized the biography of Trabzon in their travel books and notes, and in the present day the city is an important commercial and cultural center full of museums, Ottoman mosques, Catholic monasteries, baths, covered bazaar and a wall The archaeological fortress, and let’s not forget the top beauty offered by this city, which is rich in what tourists love most, which is the wonderful nature and stunning views.

The most famous landmark in Trabzon

Trabzon Meydan (City Center)

Trabzon Square is located in the center of Trabzon in the Black Sea region, or Ataturk Square, and includes many tourist and entertainment facilities such as restaurants and shops, as well as famous hotels. Trees and greenery are spread on both sides of Trabzon Square, which increases the vitality of the place and the seats on which visitors sit to rest, and one of the famous landmarks of the square is the statue of Ataturk, founder of the Turkish state and also the famous Ozun Sokak Street, which includes many shops and distinctive brands, which is an important destination For tourists to buy gifts and clothes at good prices.

Hagia Sophia Church

Which dates back to the thirteenth century and which has become a mosque and a museum now, It is a great example of Byzantine architecture.

The popular bazaar

Meters away from Trabzon Square is the commercial district of the city known as the Grand Bazaar (Mulhouse), which sells popular products, Turkish spices and local sweets such as lokum, in addition to a wonderful assortment of silver and gold artifacts.

The famous Boztepe hill

One of the tourist areas that are located in the vicinity of Trabzon Square is Bozete, It is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Trabzon, as it rises 3 km from the ground and overlooks the Black Sea and provides a wonderful view of the city. You have to visit it to take some unique pictures or sit down to eat what you love in front of this view and enjoy the magical sunset view.

Good to Know

Central America
Visa Requirements
Visa in not needed for EU. Everyone else needs a visa.
Languages spoken
Currency used
Area (km2)
51,100 km2


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