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Maiden's Tower Istanbul

Maiden’s tower

Maiden’s tower Istanbul

Turkish: Kız Kulesi, also known as Leander’s Tower . (Maiden’s tower)

It is a small tower on a small island at the southern entrance to the Bosphorus. It is about 200 meters from the coast of Uskudar in Istanbul.

It does not know exactly when and who built the tower and why. But today it is certain that he is the master of one of the most beautiful scenery in the whole world. The Forum of Lovers.

The tower is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, between (Uskudar) and (Harem) in the beach that extends opposite the old Istanbul, where the sun of Istanbul sets between its arms.

Maiden’s tower (üsküdar, turkey)

One of the most famous accounts says that it was built on the rocky island at the entrance to the Bosphorus by the order of a king who lived before Christ. Where prophecies told him that his only daughter would die from a snake bite.

And to protect his daughter from any possible danger, she was isolated on the island at sea and he built a castle to protect her.

And she lived there until illness raided her and made her perplexed, and the wise men were confused about her. Without finding a remedy for her, a wise man suggested to him that the grapes would help her heal.

But the snake came with her with a basket of grapes and wrote the end of the girl, as prophecies foretold, and she died by his sting. And the tower remained telling the story of the poor girl who lived in the width of the strait.

Maiden's Tower Istanbul Rozana Tours, honeymoon package tour

But the tales of its fame do not explain how the tower was built and from where the island came to the width of the strait, Some accounts say that the small island is natural, and others say that humans made it from rocks at sea.

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Maiden’s tower story

The other novel tells a different story about the princess and the snake that killed her, It is reported that the island used a temple for the interrupted monks to worship, Small modest build.

And a girl named Hiro lived in it. On one of her tours outside the island, she met a young Leandor and they fell in love from the very first encounter.

Because of the impossibility of a life that brings them together, and because love was forbidden to Hiro in her worship, they met secretly as much as the opportunity allowed them.

And Leandor would swim the distance to meet Hiro on her small isolated island. One rainy night, he insisted on swimming towards the island, so he was washed away and drowned on his way to his girlfriend.

She was impatient with his teams, so she committed suicide, and their story became known throughout. And the place became a place of pilgrimage for people to see the island that gathered the two lovers and separated them, Then, with the passage of time, the stories waned, and the place remained a place of pilgrimage to everyone and one of the symbols of Istanbul.

But what is certain in all these accounts is that the tower was built hundreds of years BC, and most estimates refer to more than 300 BC. It collapsed dozens of times before reaching its current form.

In the days of Byzantine rule for the region, The island used to be a ship terminal and it was called the castle, After the conquest of Constantinople, a wooden tower was built over the island, and it was destroyed by fire in 1719. Until the chief architect in the state at that time (Ibrahim Pasha) built a solid and built his dome for it. Sultan Abdul Aziz built a watchtower on it to serve him during the war, And Sultan Mehmed II used it as a library and built for it his remaining pillar that protects it from albumen.

Maiden's Tower Istanbul

And during the era of the Turkish Republic, the tower was used for quarantine, Upon entering electricity, its first broadcast was broadcast before it gradually ceased to be used. In 2000, the tower was opened to be a restaurant in addition to being a place to visit for tourists and those wishing to see the tower from the inside.

And to go to the restaurant in it, you have to book before your arrival, where lunch, dinner, weddings and breakfasts are served in Ramadan, Its menu consists of luxurious old Ottoman food and fine service, and you can go to the restaurant from the Kabatas area at the head of every hour from 9 am to 6 pm, 20 Turkish liras for a tourist and 10 Turkish liras for a student.

Maiden’s Tower Gallery

Today, when you visit Istanbul, the best way to serve you by the tower is to sit in front of it and stretch your legs in a very simple sitting to drink tea.

Or play board or eat nuts or whatever you want and watch the sunset from behind the tower and behind the old Istanbul, where the minarets of Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmed Mosque and Topkapi Palace overlook behind it.

The tower can be reached by the easiest way if you reach the coast of Uskudar, where your feet carry you there as soon as you walk on the beach that extends for ten minutes and the tower welcomes you there as it has always done for hundreds of years.


Maiden’s Tower Location

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