Covid test at hotel in Trabzon

Covid test at hotel in Trabzon

In the interest of Rozana Tours to keep guests away from crowding in the Covid-19 tests centers in Trabzon and mixing with people, We provide the Corona swab service in the hotel when you stay in the north of Turkey. before you leave Trabzon. By providing a specialized doctor licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Health to be sent to the hotel in Trabzon to carry out the test procedures. PCR test at hotel in Trabzon.

Conditions for Corona examination in the hotel in Trabzon

  • The passenger must be over 5 years old
  • Get tested for COVID-19 24 hours before you leave Turkey
  • The service is available to travelers who are staying in hotels located in the center of Trabzon

What is the procedure for conducting a COVID-19 test in the hotel

PCR test at hotel in Trabzon

Usually Rozana Tours provides this service to its customers in the integrated tourism programs that are provided in Turkey, Because of the increased demand for the service, it has become available through us to all tourists who wish to do so.

  1. Send a copy of the passports of people wishing to take the Corona test
  2. An appointment will be set by us and notified to you
  3. We will send you a link to pay with your credit card in a secure way
  4. The doctor will come to do the COVID-19 test at your residence
  5. We will send you the test result via WhatsApp oe E-mail within a maximum period of 8 hours, signed, including the code number, test date and result

Covid-19 Test At The Hotel in Trabzon

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does making PCR test at hotel in Trabzon?

We Charge 260 TRY for people who are staying in the city center of Trabzon, Apartments or Hotels no problem.

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